Last night while we were worshipping my husband saw a beam of light shining on the heads of 3 women, Barbara the keyboard player was one of them. Then the light started shining on everyone. Then he saw the whole congregation standing before the Lord in what looked to him to be similar to a baseball diamond. As he was watching, the people turned into bright diamonds, and he stressed that everyone that was in the room turned into diamonds before God. He also said that there was a light radiating from David and Ronda, their hair, lips, eyes....he also saw an angel in the back of the room....we have been talking about it all day, Love you guys....see you soon.      - P & R
True Testimonials & What People are Saying
My wife and I want to thank you for your message last night. We were forever touched and challenged to go after Him in the fullness of who He is and walk in that fullness everyday. I am moved with passion to not just know about Him, but know Him at the deepest level, at whatever the cost. As much as we love all of the guest speakers, please consider doing more teachings, more often. There is such a special anointing on your lives for teaching that's not just mere words spoken, but tangible presence going deep into our hearts and minds.  - G & N
I've been around Spirit filled worship for over 50 years and do not take lightly the Presence of God as was present in last week’s service. I attend a lot of meetings that are "billed" as renewal or awakening and it's not often that the Presence of God is as tangible as it was then. I trust that my experience will encourage you to know that God's presence is flowing through the efforts you are making to allow an atmosphere for revival. –anonymous
Just a note to say that I have never seen such increase as when I started sowing into your ministry...I thank God for your commitment to serve Him faithfully.   -T.W.
I want to thank you for your obedience, in all you do, to teach us about the power of the Holy Spirit we all have within us. I have been praying for a deeper relationship with Him to empower me to go on my mission field, and show the lost and broken how much God loves them and desires to have a relationship with them. Last night’s teaching was great! I never looked at the Holy Spirit as a person to sit and have coffee with, as well as the illustration of the water and the pitcher.  - JK
I wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for the Body of Christ. I was truly blessed in Saturday morning’s School of the Prophets. My eyes were opened to something I had been searching for years. I also wanted to include that during the worship set, I saw the room from where I was sitting filling up with water. It was at my eye level and as I looked to the front of the room I saw plants shooting through the water. As soon as they broke through the water they were blossoming into flowers, many, many new blossoms. I just wanted to share this with you because I believe we are entering a new season of fruitfulness.  - A.O. 
I had a vision last night where we were in a big room that sudden filled with the whitest smoke I have ever seen. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong. As we were standing there, Jacob's ladder appeared. After the ladder appeared, angels started ascending and descending and after a while we were all ascending and descending. It seemed to me that this room is the future building we are going to be in. Every week, the presence of the Holy Spirit is getting stronger and stronger and I have not felt that in a long time.  – J.H.
Saturday morning I came in late to the School of the Prophets to hear Kirk Bennett. There was only one seat left. During ministry time, Kirk asked if there was anyone that had pain to have the person next to them pray for them. I was in so much agony with back pain I immediately stood on my feet. Gunter put his hand on my shoulder and was praying for me. Afterwards as I left to drive home, I sat in the car and realized the painwas completley gone! Thank God! Thank you Gunter for obediance in reaching out in prayer for me. All glory belongs to God!  - D.T.
Hi, have listened to some of the cd's.... Eat the Scroll!! AWESOME, used in prayer time What a joyful time with the Lord, His sweet presence, got some healing!! GOOD STUFF! - KC

Had great meeting with David & Ronda Ramer and the Glory Fire warriors. I am excited about what they are doing. They are really called to equip and send. If you are in the Lake Mary/Sanford region, I would encourage you to connect with this couple and the group of warriors called Glory Fire. ~ Ken Malone, Forerunner Ministries 

​I was tremendously blessed by the guest speaker this evening and was encouraged to see a likeminded woman of God take her place and exercise her authority in the Kingdom... Thank you!   –T.T.
I was at your meeting last Friday night. Thank you for the invitation. It was very powerful! As I walked in during worship, it was so easy to enter in. Very anointed worship! The preaching was powerful!! I tried taking notes but there was so much and couldn't keep up. I’ve got to get a recording of it! Abundant Blessings!!! - G.P. 
I got to tell you what happened when Ravi Kandal was there. He said for anyone who had a problem with their leg, knee or ankle to come forward. On my way to the front God totally healing my ankle without anyone touching me!  -C. J. 
This space is available for your testimony. If you have been in one of our meetings and had something supernatural happen, please send us your testimony to: [email protected]