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Nothing changes by itself without the necessary adjustments in the spirit. With the correct identity, alignment and purpose, we effectively bring about the change as God’s representatives on the earth. As mature sons, when we hear or see in the realm of the spirit, it may seem as though we are receiving information and revelation, not always knowing how to apply it. However, a mature son hears the voice, aligns his heart with the word, and declares it over the earth, fulfilling God’s original intent. When the word is released, it has a supernatural power to change conditions, circumstances, and atmospheres that ultimately shift nations. Today the Holy Spirit is being released in a way that will bring purity to the body of Christ and release the authority, power, and glory of the Lord in such an unprecedented way that even the creation itself will begin to respond​. 
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About the Author  -  David L Ramer M.Div.

Whether dirt biking in South Africa, hiking the Swiss Alps, exploring pyramids in Egypt, camping on top of Mt. Sinai, climbing a volcano in Guatemala, or trekking inside the Arctic Circle, David L. Ramer has always had a passion for adventure. Coming from a long generational line of pastors, teachers and church planters traced nearly back to the Reformation, David followed his heart traveling and ministering in 38 nations. His ministry adventures include visiting a leper colony and aids hospital in India, to the end-of-the-road Zulu school in South Africa. After visiting art museums, countless biblical and historical sites in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, David settled in and earned his Master of Divinity degree from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary. For the past fifteen years, he and his wife, Ronda, have pastored Glory Fire Church in Lake Mary, FL, a regional apostolic training and equipping center they founded with a vision to reach nations. Together, they have spent years travelling the globe with a recent focus on South Korea. David is an admired prophetic teacher with a consistent ability to bring supernatural revelation and impartation, giving the Body of Christ an understanding of their true identity as sons. Besides writing, his other passions include music and art where after just four years of painting, his art is collected in four nations and viewed worldwide. He lives in Central Florida with his wife and their beloved little wire-hair fox terrier named Hootie, who is known and loved by friends on 5 continents. From here, the journey continues in his books.